The Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University, also known as the Tumor Hospital of Hebei , is a large and comprehensive hospital with the rank of Level Three and Grade A. With the focal point of work on the diagnosis and treatment of tumor,


    Provincial key medical disciplines
    Blood Purification Center
    Comprehensive Strength: Attached Unit of Hebei Provincial Professional Blood Purification Quality Administration and Control Center. It is divided into 2 inpatient areas, one in headquarter and the other in east hospital section. It has Blood Purification Center, common ward of nephrology department, intensive care unit of critical kidney disease, outpatient service, CAPD, clinical examination room and pathological room of kidney disease, etc. Therere 5 chief physicians and professors, 3 associate chief physicians and vice professors and 73 beds. It is the only medical department that owns intensive care unit of critical kidney disease in Hebei Province. Blood Purification Center has 63 advanced imported dialysis machines. 8 bedside hemodialysis machines and , necessary first-aid equipment such as ACT monitor, bioelectrical impedance analyzer, imported American noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring system, monitoring instrument.
    Indications and Features: Acute critical kidney disease, such as acute renal failure, RPGN, ANCA-associated small vessel vasculitis, acute interstitial nephritis, drug-induced kidney damage and so on. Many kinds of chronic kidney diseases such as uremia, chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, uric acid nephropathy, IgA nephropathy, nephritis of Schonlein-Henoch purpura, Lupus Nephritis, urinary infection, RTA, renal hypertension, Ischemic kidney disease, tumor-associated kidney disease, obstructive nephropathy, etc. Blood purification project has reached worldwide advanced level and the number of dialysis performed leads our province.

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