The Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University, also known as the Tumor Hospital of Hebei , is a large and comprehensive hospital with the rank of ¡°Level Three and Grade A¡±. With the focal point of work on the diagnosis and treatment of tumor,

    Provincial key medical disciplines
    The Department of Medical Oncology was established in May, 1984. It is the earliest established professional department of medical oncology which combines medical treatment, scientific research and education as one and it also has program for master degree and doctoral degree of clinical oncology. The professional committee of medical oncology of Hebei Provincial Anti-cancer Association is also set in this department. In 2011, the department of medical oncology was given the title of ¡°Hebei Provincial key medical disciplines¡±.
    The department now has 82 medical workers, among them there are 28 medical personnel and 54 nurses; one expert enjoys special subsidies offered by State Council; 9 professors and chief physicians, 2 vice professors and associate chief physicians, 9 attending physicians; 1 supervisor for doctoral degree candidates, 5 supervisors for master degree candidates; 8 medical doctors and 14 postgraduates. The department has set 2 wards, one in headquarter and the other in east hospital section, with 137 sick beds and 150 one-day wards. The amount of person-time visiting outpatient service is 11 thousand per year, and person-time hospitalized is 9000 per year.
    In 2007, the department established body cavity hyperthermic perfusion center, external high frequency thermotherapy center, training base of venous transfusion and central venous catheter insertion of Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University. In 2008, the department established follow-up visit center. In 2009, the department established clinical experiment office of anti-tumor drug, and was equipped with 2 full-time physicians and 1 full-time testing nurse. The clinical experiments undertook by this department are all under strict standard administration according to the principle of GCP. All doctors, pharmacists and scientific research nurses have received GCP training, thus clinical experiment and research can be operated successfully under professional support. By far, the department has undertaken 2 international and 41 domestic multi-center clinical experiments. The person-time entering group clinical experiment per year is 400.
    In recent years, the Department of Medical Oncology has formed their own character and advantage of the integration of chemotherapy as the main part, molecular targeted therapy, biotherapy, endocrinotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine therapy.It has accumulated abundant clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumor, fully implemented the regular comprehensive treatment of malignant tumors such as lung cancer, breast cancer, gastrointestinal tumors, etc, and is continuously making innovation and breakthrough so that the clinical cure rate, disease-free survival rate and life quality have improved significantly. The department of medical oncology thinks highly of the administration of medical quality all the time thus has established quality control group, drawn up more than 10 rules and regulations on departmental medical administration. So that it can perform strict quality control of every step during the therapeutic process, make sure patients get the most regular, safest and the most appropriate treatment. By far the department has set 4 professional therapy and research groups of lung cancer, breast cancer, esophageal and gastric cancer, colon cancer, thus further highlights its professional character and research direction.The Department of Medical Oncology actively advocates and practices multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors, organizes experts from the department of surgery, the department of radiotherapy, the department of imaging diagnosis, the department of pathology, etc, taking part in the discussion of complicated cases, thus provides patients with rational individual comprehensive therapeutic schedule.
    In the recent years, the department of medical oncology undertook 1 NSFC project, 3 Hebei Provincial Natural Scientific Fund projects, 1 discipline program with strong character, received fund, totally more than 1 million yuan, from international cooperation projects and many provincial, bureau-level and lateral projects. It has also received 1 second prize and 3 third prizes of Hebei Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Award, more than 10 bureau-level awards. The department has taken part in the edit of more than 10 pieces of academic works as main and associate editing group, and published more than 100 academic papers.
    In the aspect of education, the Department of Medical Oncology continuously explores teaching methods and model in order to further improve teaching quality. While under the coordination from department of education of our hospital, the department adopts joint responsibility system of section director and mentor, let the teaching manager, who¡¯s in charge of education, put the clinical practice and research work of undergraduates and postgraduates under unified management, and organize training and lessons regularly to make sure students get good cultivation quality. As program for doctoral and master degree, the department now has 1 supervisor for doctoral degree candidates, 5 supervisors for master degree candidates, and has trained 3 doctoral candidates and more than 60 master degree candidates. Most outstanding graduates are recommended to important posts of tertiary hospitals to play positive key roles. Meanwhile the department pays great intention to the training of other hospitals¡¯ doctors in advanced studies.They can learn regular method of chemotherapy and advanced treatment concept, then the Department of Medical Oncology trains and contributes a lot of professional talents in the field of medical oncology to all the medical institutions in Hebei province.
    The department particularly attaches great importance to the promotion and implementation of regular treatment of malignant tumors in Hebei province, and hosts national and provincial continuing medical education projects, and academic tour of the regular treatment of malignant tumors at fixed time. The academic tour invites domestic well-known specialists to give academic report, thus promotes regular methods of the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors and spreads knowledge of latest progress on the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors. Moreover, since 2004, the ¡°Hebei Provincial Chief Physician of Oncology Salon¡± hosted once in a year has gradually become important and brand academic meeting in the field of oncology in Hebei province. Besides, the Department of Medical Oncology continuously hosts study groups on the progress of the treatment of malignant tumors aiming at grassroots medical staff in order to strength the training and education of hard core of medical oncology physicians, thus improves primary hospitals¡¯ diagnosis and treatment level of tumors and regulates the strategy and method of chemotherapy.
    With the expansion of the size of the department and continuous improvement of talent team, the department of medical oncology will continue to carry forward the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, aggressiveness, exploration and innovation, so that we may seize further and greater development!
    The motto of the Department of Medical Oncology: Perfecting the Perfection, Sincerity and Supreme Goodness, People Oriented, Dedication to Society.

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