The Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University, also known as the Tumor Hospital of Hebei , is a large and comprehensive hospital with the rank of ¡°Level Three and Grade A¡±. With the focal point of work on the diagnosis and treatment of tumor,

A Brief Introduction to the Research Center
I. Brief introduction to the process of development
    In May, 1999, our hospital collected and centralized all the research equipments that scattered over different departments and purchased a lot of advanced equipments to equip modern research center. In October, 2000, after experts¡¯ evaluation and argumentation, the research center was approved to be Hebei provincial key laboratory of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the gene of tumor. In 2003, the research center was rated Hebei provincial outstanding key laboratory. In November, 2008, after the evaluation and verification from the experts organized by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the research center was rated the three-level laboratory of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and became the first modern laboratory ever to possess national qualification in Hebei province.
II. Scale of development
    With an area of 1000 square meters, the research center now has 11 full time research personnel. Among them, there¡¯re 4 chief & vice professors, 3 personnel with academic title of middle rank, 1 doctor and 3 technicians. Also there¡¯re 15 postgraduates, 5 students pursuing doctoral degree, 2 academic advisers to master degree candidates and 1 doctoral student adviser working on research subjects.
    In the recent years, as the supporting unit of the research center, our hospital has spent plenty of fund and energy on the construction of laboratory. There¡¯re 45 equipments with a single value of more than 100 thousand yuan, and the total value is more than 160 million yuan. The total value of permanent asset has reached more than 465 million yuan. The research center possesses large modern equipments such as TOF for protein, flow cytometer, confocal laser and fluorescence microscope, quantitative and qualitative PCRs. The centre also consists 100 grade decontaminated bio-treatment section, nucleic acid and protein extraction section, cell culture section and modern laboratory animal centre. The operating table can be available for 20 people at the same time and is equipped with ordinary experimental equipments.
III. The working task of the research center
    The research center focuses on the research of the study and application of basic theory. It mainly operates its work in the field of tumor immunology, the molecular biology of tumor, the diagnosis and treatment of the gene of tumor and the development of anti-tumor Chinese medicine, etc. Meanwhile, the research center has established scientific experimental platforms for different majors to undertake the experimental tasks of all national, provincial, government department-level scientific research and postgraduate subjects of our hospital. It also undertakes the cooperative tasks from the prevention and treatment of tumor base and other brother units. The research center does pay a lot of attention to the transformation of the achievements in scientific research.
IV. The goal of development and overall orientation of the research center
    On the basis of research direction of the behavior and molecular mechanism of tumor biology, anti-tumor Chinese medicine, bio-treatment of tumor and the management of resources and information of tumor, the research center conducts high-leveled research on basic theory and the application of basic theory of tumor, seeks possible methods to delay, obstruct or reverse the process of cancerization and development of tumor, and offer theoretical basis for the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of tumor. The research center is now making assiduous efforts to build a professional domestic advanced level research center of the prevention and treatment of tumor which makes the research of the basic theory and clinical treatment of tumor as one.

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