The Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University, also known as the Tumor Hospital of Hebei , is a large and comprehensive hospital with the rank of Level Three and Grade A. With the focal point of work on the diagnosis and treatment of tumor,
Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Comprehensive Strength: It has domestic famous veteran doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, doctors and supervisors for master degree candidates. Therere 18 doctors with doctoral and masters degree. The department is divided into 4 parts: Traditional Chinese Medicine Outpatient Service, Provincial medical outpatient service at state expense, Traditional Chinese medicine consultation of all wards, and Simple outpatient service of acupuncture therapy and massage.
    Indications and Features: It can perform the diagnosis and treatment of tumor, complicated internal diseases, gynecological diseases and exogenous warm heat disease, especially the research, prevention and cure of tumor leads our province. The department highlights the advantage of TCM treatment and sticks to the control strategy of integrated traditional and Western medicine, thus its own advantage and character has been formed.

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