The Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University, also known as the Tumor Hospital of Hebei , is a large and comprehensive hospital with the rank of Level Three and Grade A. With the focal point of work on the diagnosis and treatment of tumor,
Department of Orthopaedics

    Comprehensive Strength: The department has 2 professors, 2 vice professors and 2 attending physicians. It is the attached medical department of Hebei Osteosarcoma Specialty Committee.
    Indications and Features: The department features the diagnosis and treatment of tumor of bone and soft tissue, spine, trauma and diseases of bone joint and spine, and leads our nation in the field of the standard treatment of bone and soft tissue tumor, comprehensive treatment of spinal metastases and joint replacement. It also performs the standard chemotherapy of malignant bone tumors and soft tissue sarcoma, limb sparing, reconstruction of the spinal stability (internal fixation with the implantation of artificial vertebra after the resection of cervical vertebrae, thoracic or lumbar vertebrae body), replacement of total artificial knee-joint or hip joint, replacement of shoulder joint, corresponding replacement of both knees or hips, replacement of artificial intervertebral disk, arthroscopic reconstruction of the knees ACL or PCL, surgery with Micro Endo Disc System, anterior or posterior operation with cervical spondylosis, surgical treatment of thoracic of lumbar spinal stenosis, PVP, PKP and internal fixation of spinal or limb fracture

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