The Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University, also known as the Tumor Hospital of Hebei , is a large and comprehensive hospital with the rank of ¡°Level Three and Grade A¡±. With the focal point of work on the diagnosis and treatment of tumor,
Experimental Animal Center

A Brief Introduction to Experimental Animal Center
    In May, 2006, our hospital established ¡°Experimental Animal Administration Committee¡± and Experimental Animal Center. Now the center has 6 personnel including 3 personnel with academic title of middle rank and above. One of the three has master¡¯s degree and the others have bachelor degrees. Its department leader is Zhang Guosheng.
    After repeating argumentation and careful design, the Experimental Animal Center building was completed according to the national Experimental animal standard GB14925-2001 in October, 2007. The building has five floors (including four above and one under the ground). Floor One Below: the storage and washing and sterilization room. Floor One: Administration Section. Floor Two: ordinary large animal experimental section (secondary decontamination section). Floor Three: SPF grade small animal experimental section. Floor Four: computer room. The center¡¯s construction area is 1442 square meters including 299.5 square meters¡¯ decontamination area and 299.5 square meters¡¯ secondary decontamination section, and its total investment is about 160 million yuan. It is a domestic top-grade Experimental animal center for now.
    This department has License for the Use of Experimental Animal which is issued by the Science Department of Hebei Provincial Government. License¡¯s scale: Protective Environment: rat£¬mouse£¬guinea pig. Ordinary Environment: rabbit, monkey, dog, goat, pig. License Code: SYXK(¼½)2008-51. Our Experimental Animal Center is carefully designed and its equipments are advanced and perfect. The employees are trained, and they all have License for Taking up the Post of Experimental Animal. This center can satisfy many kinds of requirements of animal experiment for medical research, and it is the most advanced animal lab in our province for now.
    Experimental Animal Center is by far an animal lab equipped with domestic top-grade science and technologies and advanced experimental instruments. It has many comparatively advanced and sufficient experimental types of equipment: biological safety cabinet, carbon-dioxide incubator, centrifuge, inverted fluorescence microscope, multifunctional enzyme mark instrument, -86¡ã low temperature refrigerator, electric balance, spectrophotometer, EVC rotor cage imported from USA, multifunctional animal dissecting table, anesthesia machine and ventilator for mid-sized animals, imported anesthesia machine for small animals, imported ventilator for small animals, surgical shadowless lamp, electric knife, imported automatic ECG monitor for small animals and other generally used experimental instruments. All these equipments can satisfy different kinds of requirements of medical animal experiment.
    In the recent years, this department has received many relative experts, professors and visiting groups both domestic and abroad, such as USA, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and Canada. Chen Zhu, minister of Ministry of Public of Health, was very satisfied and spoke highly of this department after his visit.

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